Thursday 22 December 2011

Thursday - Part 2

Starting off with Bonnie and Dan:

Zach and Bonnie:

Rex, Zach and Bonnie:

Bonnie and Rex: "Please get away from me...."

Bonnie and Rex: "Please play with me. I won't hurt you..."

Bonnie, going solo:

Here's a few of Harry and Bonnie:

And here's a couple of Bonnie:

Gemma, Bonnie and Dan:

Bonnie gives Zach a wide berth. He's not happy with her being close:

Ari and Harry:

Ari and Bonnie:

Ari, sitting comfortably:

Ari, Bronte and Harry:


Ari, Bronte and Bonnie playing a little too roughly:

And finally, Bronte:

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