Saturday 29 October 2011

I don't go to the park at weekends, so here a few pictures from previous visits.

First, an orgy, with Zach on top of Scruffy on top of Cairo. All quite innocent of course. This happens when you have 3 dominant dogs who each want to be the boss:

The Three Musketeers. Zach, Harry and Cairo walking along together:

Bronte, almost disappearing into the background:

Cairo and Bronte about to wrestle with each other:

Domino, in a rare subdued moment:

Cairo, Harry and Zach share something interesting at the side of the path:

Gus the Pug:

A nice picture of Cairo standing on his own:

Happy Harry:

Bronte, Scruffy and Cairo, getting to know each other better:

Relaxed Harry:

Zach: "Who are you lookin' at?":

Another one of Zach:

Last one: Bronte:

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