Monday 26 December 2011

Monday, Boxing Day

Today being a public holiday, a lot of the regulars didn't come to the park today. Must be off on holidays somewhere. Therefore there are fewer pics than most other days.



Jade and Gus running up to say hello. I woder if it's me they like, or the treats I carry with me always:

Ari joins in the fun with Jade and Gus:


There's Max, way off in the distance. He didn't come over to say hello today:


Ari and Jade:

Ari and Gus:


Jade photographs very well:

Here's a happy group. Rudy, Lola, Jade and Ari:

Lola and Ari:

Jade and Ari:

Sasha the puppy, and Ari:

Jade in the late afternoon, as you can see by the long, long shadow:

Gus and Ari:

Ari, fighting a losing battle to get Jade to play with him:

Jade: "I'm too old to run around like this anymore..."

Jade, Gus and Ari, in the rays of the setting sun:




Dan, and the second appearance of Sasha the puppy:

Bonnie and Dan:

Megan and Bonnie:

Dan, Bonnie and Megan:



"John's here...". Dan and Ari waiting for food:

Last two pics for today, Missy:

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