Friday 9 December 2011

Friday Afternoon - Part 1

Well, I took a lot of pictures this afternoon, and thanks to the wonders of technology with regards to cameras and image processing software, I ended up with a lot of good ones, enough for three posts. Here is the first bunch:


Here's a few of Zach:

Domino and Scruffy, checking out the bottom of the water fountain::

Ari and Cindy, checking each other out, next to the water fountain:

Now Zach wants to know just what is so interesting about that darn water fountain:

Cindy and Zach, switching their attention to a nearby tree:





Domino, the phantom hole digger, caught red-handed:

Cindy, Ari and Scruffy:

Domino, this time with Scruffy, also digging holes:

Cindy and Ari:

Cindy on her own, chewing on a stick:

Scruffy and Ari:

Cindy, Ari and Scruffy again:



Domino and Scruffy, digging around the bush:

Mr. Bascomb and Domino (sounds like the title of a bad American sitcom):

Last but not least, Riley:

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