Wednesday 8 August 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Part 1

Perfect day in Perth today. Once again, I need to split the pictures into two parts.

Here's a few of Ari to kick things off:

Pretty soon we ran into Bronte:

Missy was also walking with Bronte:

Bronte again:

Here's a couple more of Missy:

Always together - Ari and Bronte:


Bronte, about to go home:

Bronte left, and Alfie arrived:

Ari, happy to run, in spite of the absence of Bronte:

Alfie and Ari:


Bonnie arrived next. Here she is with Alfie:

Here's Panda:

Panda and Bonnie:



I took Ari for a walk and Bonnie decided to bring herself along as well:


Bonnie and Ari:

Boon puts in a little cameo appearance, with Ari:



Bonnie and Ari continue on their walk:

Finally, Bonnie looking a little sheepish after I told her off for eating mud:

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