Friday 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th - Unlucky for some...

A great day for fish and chips. A splendid time was had by all. And the food was good as well.

By the way, I have been clever. I had to doctor two photos in this post, to remove some feet that looked out of place. Can you tell which ones?

Max giving me a sly look as he traverses the park:

Ari, against the fantastic Perth afternoon sky:

Here's a few more of Max. I was actually experimenting a little here, trying different angles and such. Unusually a whole bunch turned out ok, and Max was such an accommodating subject:

Jade and Gus:



Ari and Bronte:




Here's some of Zach, waiting for the sun to go down so the party can start:

Another one of Harry:





Jade and Gus:



Jade and Gus

(P.S. The previous two pictures are the ones that I removed some feet from)


An old friend made a welcome return to the park. I have taken it upon myself to hereby bestow the title of Honorary Member of the Breckler Park Dog Community upon Jonesy, the bush dog. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling entirely comfortable being back at first, hence the muzzle, but I think as the night went on he became happier:

Finally, a nice ghostly image of Harry. By this stage it was getting quite dark, and I didn't want to use the camera flash. So this is what happens when it gets too dark for my camera to work properly. I know it looks weird and artsy, but it was actually an accident. I didn't know the picture would come out like this. At least now I know how to fake ghost pictures that I can sell to the tabloids for huge amounts of money:

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