Monday 5 December 2011

Monday Afternoon - Part 2

The rest of the pics from Monday afternoon.

Ari and Bronte, still going at it:

Megan wandered by to join the group. Here she is with a fascinated Bailey "Are you really a dog?":

Bailey and Ralphie:

We all walked back over to the other side of the park. Here is Ari and Dan:

Dan, on her own:

Next, Jade and Gus turned up. Here are Jade, Ari, Gus and Bronte:


A bit later, Harry arrived and joined in with the group:


Bonnie showed up with Dan. Here are Dan, Bonnie, Jade and Ari:



Bronte and Ari:

And last one for today, Bronte and Harry, on the yellow brick road:

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