Monday 5 December 2011

Monday Afternoon - Part 1

It's starting to get hot again. That means  the regulars will begin to start showing up later and later.

All of today's pics are in roughly chronological order, as are all of the pics in this blog. So, the first dog I saw today (apart from Ari) was Willy:

A little while later, Zach showed up. Here is Ari, Willy and Zach:

Zach and Willy:


Ralphie put in a rare appearance with the regulars. Ralphie usually comes much earlier to the park. Ralphie and Willy:


Zach again:

Ralphie and Ari:

Next to arrive was Bailey. Here he is, at the front, with Ralphie at the rear:

Bronte showed up next, which made Ari very happy:

Bronte and Ari, roughing it up a bit:

Final picture for this post, Bronte and Bailey:

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