Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wednesday Afternoon - Part 1

Here are some of the pics from Monday.

Bronte and Ari:

Bronte and Ari in the dirt:

Bronte, on her own:

...and in full flight:

Jade and Zach:

Panda and Zach:


A couple more of Ari and Bronte having a run:




Gus again:

Jade and Ari:

Gus, Jade and Ari at the front:

Friday 25 November 2011

More from Friday Afternoon

The rest of the pictures from Friday.



Bonnie, Domino and Ari. Domino won the battle for the stick this time:

Bonnie and Max:

Max ended up with the stick:

Scruffy has Domino in a head lock:

Scruffy and Zach:

Domino and Ari:


Dan, short for Dandelion:

Max, Domino and Bonnie:


Harry and Ari:

Dan and Harry:

Ari, Milo and Bronte:

Bronte and Ari:


Ari, Boon, Lulu and Bronte:

Drinks Time: Lulu, Boon, Bronte and Ari:

Brothers: Ari and Boon:

Gonzo and Ari:


Riley and Friend:

Finally, Riley again:

Friday Afternoon

Quite a few pictures were taken today. I think I'll spread them over the next few posts.

Starting with Panda:

Panda and Ari:


Panda again:

Little Willie, siting on his owner's lap:

Ari, Alfie and Panda:

Alfie, on his own:

Now Alfie is joined by Ari:

Then Alfie was joined by Panda, at the same tree:

Ari, finding it hard to understand why Willie won't come down and play:

Alfie and Ari:

Alfie and Harry:

Alfie and Ari, having a drink of some lovely tasting bore water:

Harry, praying for rain:

Alfie, Ari and the Curator's dog:

Ari and Willie, who finally did come down to play:

Zach and Willie:


Finally, a few of Bonnie and Ari: