Wednesday 11 January 2012

Wednesday Afternoon - Part 1


Bronte and Ari:

Gemma, Ari and Bronte, checking out what's in the long grass:

Some more of Gemma:


Ari and Bronte:

Bronte, Ari and Zach, charging across the park:


Bronte and Ari playing, with Gemma wanting to join in:

Ari and Bronte, facing off:

Bailey makes an entrance:

Bronte, Ari and Bailey:

Bronte and Ari, showing of their dental work:


Bronte and Ari checking out the bush:

Zach and Ari on the old dirt road:


Three more of Bronte and Ari:

Zach and Willy:

Happy Gemma:

A couple of Willy to finish with:

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