Friday 20 January 2012

Friday Afternoon - Part 2

On with the show.



Ari,still managing to find the energy to actually run:

Bronte and Bonnie saying hello:

Here's Harry:

Here's some of Ari and Bronte playing:


Here's Gemma, unaware that her parents are soon off to Antarctica for a month:

Harry, wishing he could go to Antarctica as well, or at least to some place cool:

The last we'll see of Gemma for a while:

Gus, keeping a close eye on Mum:

Bonnie, with a final hint of Gemma in the background:



Gus and Harry:

Woo Hoo! Here it is folks, individual picture number 100 for Harry (Next best is Zach with 67 individual pictures. Most group pictures is Ari/Bronte with 120):


Harry decided to find an empty bay and park himself in the car park. At least his tail is not hanging out over the end of the bay. But he just keeps racking up the numbers, doesn't he?. Here's another one to keep him at the top of the picture premiership ladder, with good prospects of the double chance when the finals come around:

Here's an interesting effect, and quite difficult I would have expected with an auto focusing camera. In this picture, Bronte is in focus at the front with Megan at the back:
...but in this picture, taken seconds after the first one, Megan at the back is in focus and Bronte is out of focus at the front:

Megan having a rest:


Bronte and Ari, foraging in the bush for their dinner, like a couple of killer Dingoes on the loose...

And one final picture of Bronte:

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