Tuesday 17 January 2012

Tuesday - Part 1

We had a new visitor to the park today. A puppy called Jasmine.

Here is Willy and Jasmine:


Jasmine and Ari:

Harry again:


Harry, not feeling very comfortable around this new dog:


Harry, sanctuary from Jasmine, or so he thinks:

Harry, still not sure:

Harry, hopefully that new dog has gone:

Ari on the other hand, has found a new playmate:

Harry, still not comfortable, but getting better:

Jasmine saying hello to Max. Max was not impressed:

Jasmine still trying with Max. Zach is not impressed either. He hates puppies:


Now it's time for Gus to receive Jasmines' attention:

Here's a few of Ari and Bronte having a run in the sun:

Jasmine now turns her attention to Kristy:


Finally, Bronte:

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