Tuesday 3 January 2012

Tuesday Afternoon

Big drama in the park today, but I'm going to put that in a separate post. This post is for the regulars.

First, an apology. Somehow, I managed to change the setting on my camera. I think I accidentally bumped the settings dial, so that it was on the landscape setting. Apparently this means that the shutter stays open for a fraction longer than my normal setting. That means that anything moving will leave a blur. On some pictures I got lucky and they worked. Others I had to use software to remove most of the blur. So here are the best I could find:

Sam and Ari:





Bonnie, from over the top of Dan's head:

Ari and Bronte, facing off:

Bronte, waiting to pounce on Ari:

Bronte again:

Ari and Bronte:

Ari and Bonnie:


Bronte, looking to the heavens:

Ari and the setting sun:


Bonnie and Harry:

Harry and Megan:

A few more of Harry:


Finally, Megan:

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