Friday 28 October 2011

Friday at the Park

Friday. It was a warm day. However, probably because it was a public holiday, I didn't see some of the regulars. I had two dogs with me, Ari, as usual, and Zach.

Zach (at the back) and Ari, both drawn to something happening on the other side of the park:

Some of the regulars who showed up. This is Panda:



Scruffy, on the left, with Harry:

Domino, (who lives with Scruffy), and Ari:

Whiskey and Ari contemplate a stick:

Harry, walking towards the camera. Very hard to get any dog to do that:

A nice picture of Zach, who is one the most photogenic dogs at the park. And he doesn't move about a lot, which is a bonus:

Finally, a group shot. Ari at the top, Scruffy in the middle and Harry at the bottom:

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