Thursday 27 October 2011

First Post!

This is Ari. I'm starting with Ari simply because he is the dog I personally have the most to do with, and this being the first post I needed to start somewhere. I promise to include as many Breckler Park dogs as I can. Usually I'm only there 3 days a week, but I'll be taking my camera and snapping any dog that's there.

Ari at a few months of age, prior to his first hair cut:

...and here he is a few years later, striking a movie star pose:

This is Boon. He is Ari's half brother:

Boon lives with Lulu (no relation as far as I know):

Ari has a couple of neighbours, Cooper and Rosie. All three are almost the same age, so they literally grew up together from puppies. They have formed their own little pack. Ari really gives Cooper and Rosie a hard time, in a playful sort of way. They are much bigger and stronger than Ari but they let him get away with a lot. However, if Ari is threatened in any way by another dog, Cooper will jump straight in and protect him.

From left to right, Ari, Cooper and Rosie having some fun:

And here is a bit of an artistic snap (actually, they were moving too fast for the camera. I haven't modified it). It looks more serious than it is. It's just the way these three play with each other:

Ari has one really good friend that he runs around madly with. This is Bronte. She is also about the same age as Ari:

When Ari first started going to the park, he was a little terror. He used to run up to other dogs and get right in their faces. Sometimes dogs objected, and taught Ari a lesson (He still runs up to other dogs but a bit more cautiously these days). One of these dogs is Zach (I hope that's the correct spelling). I still have a memory of Zach chasing Ari half way across the park. It looked pretty funny at the time. I thought that Ari would never go near Zach ever again, but that didn't happen. Ari want's to be everybody's friend so he will try to play with anybody. Unfortunately, Ari likes to play rough, so a lot of dogs are put off by this.

Here is Zach (now one of Ari's best mates after that shaky start):

So, enough about Ari for now. Here are some more of the huge population of dogs that like to frequent the park:

This is Harry (at the back) and Jade, going for a bit of a run:

This is Gonzo:

Last one for today. Ari (sorry for slipping in another one!) and Megan:

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