Wednesday 1 February 2012


Well, the saga of the ever changing weather patterns continues. Today the skies were darkened by the presence of a thunder storm, which means that good lighting for pictures went down the toilet. I blame global warming...

Here are some pictures that I managed to salvage.

First, Ari and Bronte:

Now, the next few pictures feature a couple of dogs that I know as the boys. I think one is called Tyrone and the other is called Mundy, but I don't know which is which, So I will just refer to them as the boys.

Here are the boys with Zach and Harry:

Bronte and Ari, one of the boys, and Zach:

One of the boys with Zach:


Harry, sitting on a carpet. Actually, it's an artificial cricket pitch:

Here's Zach with one of the boys again:

Bronte with one the boys this time:


Zach dancing with one of the boys, with Harry looking on:




Bronte and Harry:


Ari and Zach:


Zach, on the yellow brick road:

This is a last pic for this post. By this point it became so dark that in this picture, the automatic flash was triggered. So I decided that was it for today.

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