Friday 3 February 2012

Friday Afternoon - Part 2

Home time for Panda:

Ari and Bronte:

Ari, Bonnie and Dan:

Gus and Ari having a drink, courtesy of a broken water pipe:

Ari and Bonnie checking out the bush:

Jade, with the groundkeeper's dog, who I think is called Shoby (although I don't think that is the correct spelling):

Here he is again:

Gus and Jade side by side, just like at home:

Gus, standing proudly:

Ari and Gus, check out the cricket sight screen:

Harry, trudging slowly back:

Everybody's favourite mate Kudzu is here (once again, not sure of the spelling):

Megan, resting:


Megan, having moved to the car park:

Ari with a Chihuahua. I still don't think he knows how to react to it:

Ari and Megan:

Ari, Bonnie and Megan:

Megan - "Play with me, Dad...":

Bonnie and Ari want to join in on the fun:

Megan - Time to go home:

Finally, Leroy and Ari. It started to get dark so these were the last pictures taken for today:

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