Sunday 19 February 2012

Last of the Backlog

Finally, the end is in view. I think this is the last of the backlog of pictures I have. Tomorrow, I can start again.

Admittedly I have a lot of Ari pictures, but he was the only dog around for a lot of the time, and he is a good looking subject.

He we go, with Ari:

Ari was joined by Bonnie for a short time:


Here's a few of Yoda, joined in places by Ari and Yoda's housemate, whose name I don't recall:

Here's a couple with a magpie, who if I didn't know any better, was keeping a watchful eye on Yoda:

Here it is. Picture 100 for Ari, the third dog to reach that mark. and the second this week behind Zach:

Ari with good buddy Kudzu:

And a few more of Ari:

Eventually, Bronte showed up to give Ari something to do:

And here's a couple of Bronte:

Zach showed up later as well:

And finally, a whole bunch of Ari, and that should be it for the backlog:

And finally, this is not a great picture, but I snuck it in for Ann to use as the wallpaper on her computer:

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