Thursday 8 November 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Part 2

Here's part 2. Rather heavy on Charly and Ari pictures. I didn't plan it that way, but the afternoon light was fantastic, everything bathed in a bright, gold light.


Ari and Charly:


Ari and Charly go for a run:

Charly, on fields of gold:

Charly and Ari, more running:

Charly has the ball now:

Here's a whole lot more of Ari with Charly:

Ari and Ralphie:

Charly, the unstoppable running machine:

Ralphie, Ari and Sam:

Ari and Sam:

Ari scrounges the remains of an apple:

Charly, still refusing to give up Ari's rubber ball:


Here's the last few of Charly before being unceremoniously home:

Last today, Ari:

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