Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wednesday Part 1

Again, too many pictures. All this extra sunlight we're getting means I'm taking more pictures than usual for winter.

Here's part 1.

Ari. Someone has cleaned up the grass around the benches:


At last after all these years, I've found out what this dogs name is. It's Cutsufa:

Cutsufa and Ari:


Ari, Showby and Willy:


Showby and Willy:


Ari watches Panda rummaging in the bushes:


Ari watching Panda rush off back to his mum:

Lulu and Ari:


Ari and Boon:

Alfie and Ari:

Ari watches closely as Alfie goes back on the lead:

Alfie and Boon:

Alfie and Kuda:

Alfie straining at the lead:

Bronte and Ari meet up for the first time today:

Standing at attention - Alfie:


Bronte, waiting for water:


Kuda, Bronte and Gemma:

Bronte waits patiently for Kuda to finish drinking:

Bronte gets her chance at the water bowl:

Finally for this post, a couple of Gemma:

Part 2 tomorrow.

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