Monday 7 May 2012

Stormy Monday

Started out just windy at the park today. Later on, we got dumped on. Poor Ari looked like a drowned rat. I still managed to get some reasonable pictures today, despite the weather.

Starting with Boone:

Boone and Lulu:


Boone, Bronte and Lulu:

Boone, Lulu and Bronte:

Jake and Boone:

Lulu, Jake and Boone get to know each other better:


Jake and Lulu:

Another one of Jake with Boone:

Another one of Jake, who hasn't been on this web site before:

Bronte and Lulu playing together, with Boone in the foreground:

Here's a few more of Bronte and Lulu together:

Bronte, Boone and Lulu:

A break for refreshments. Boone and Lulu:


Lulu and Boone, enjoying the car ride home from the park:



The second shift at the park. Boone and Lulu replaced by Ari:

Stand off: Domino and Ari:

Zach: "Do I really have to wear this thing? Nobody else is. It's embarrassing...":

Guardian of the tennis ball. Ari:


Scruffy: "Wake me up when it's time for dinner...":

A few more of Zach:

Return of the Evil Dead. Ari looking absolutely evil and on the hunt for brains. I think the automatic flash may have fired for this one picture, hence the eyes:

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