Friday 23 March 2012

Friday Part 1

In contrast to Wednesday, I took a lot of pictures today, so I'm going to split them over the weekend. It would just take too long to do them in one hit.

Here we go. First up is Max:

Ari, with Lulu and Harry in the background:


Boon and Alfie:

Lulu and Alfie:

Ari and Boon:

Schnauzers galore. Boon, Alfie, Ari and Harry:

Alfie and Ari:



Domino and Scruffy:

Ari keeps a close watch on Domino and Scruffy:

Ari and Domino:

Free food. What dog wouldn't?

Ari and Domino:

Zach and Scruffy:

Yoda, Scruffy and Domino:

Ari, Zach and Johns' other dog:

Zach and Scruffy:

Zach sticking close to Rascal:


Ari and Jackson:



Scruffy in front of Jackson:

Yoda, Ari and Bonnie:

"Please Sir, I want some more...":

Zach, Scruffy and Domino:


Ari wanders over to say hello to Showby:

Gonzo with Ari:


Sisters: Megan and Sasha:


Domino, Scruffy and Zach:

Gonzo joins the gang:

Finally, Bonnie joins in as well:

More later.

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