Thursday 1 December 2011

Wednesday Afternoon - Part 2

Here's some more from Wednesday.

Gemma and Jade:

Gemma, Gus, Ari and Zach:

Ari and Roxy:

Roxy and Zach:

Zach and Ari:

Jade and Gus:


Chai and Ari:

Sorry, I don't know this dogs name.Can somebody tell me please?:

Ari at the back, with two dogs I don't know the names of:

Dan (Dandelion) and Bonnie:


Chai and Zach:


Harry, Ari, Coco and Zach:

Cindy and Harry:

Zach and Cindy:

Ari and Bonnie:

Cindy and Dan:

And finally, the boys. Tyrone and Mundy:

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