Thursday 22 December 2011

Thursday - Part 3

Last part of the Thursday pictures.

Ari going through the bush:



The other Max:


Ari and Bronte playing in the afternoon sun:

Bonnie joins in with Bronte and Ari:

Bonnie and Ari:

Bonnie and Bronte:

Megan, way off in the distance:

Now, a departure from the dogs.Here's a couple of pictures of a particularly brave bird. This bird was sitting within arms length of a pack of dogs that would probably have liked nothing better than to rip it's head off. Luckily for the bird, the dogs didn't seem to notice it at all:



Sascha and Bonnie. Is that the correct way to spell Sascha?:

Megan, Bonnie and Sascha:

A couple more of Ari and Bronte:


And to end this post, two pictures of Ari and Coco:

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