Tuesday 20 December 2011

Tuesday - Part 1

I swapped my walking days this week to Tuesday and Thursday, not that that will make any difference to the dogs who show up.

Starting with a couple of group shots:

Bonnie, Ari and Dan. Not sure who is behind Bonnie. It may be Whiskey:

Dan, Bonnie, Ari and Whiskey:

Dan and Whiskey:


Whiskey, with his head in the water bowl:

Whiskey again:

Bonnie, receiving some welcome attention:



Bronte and Whiskey:

Bonnie and Whiskey, wrestling:

Dan and Whiskey:

Bonnie and Bronte:

Ari joins in with Bonnie and Bronte:

Bonnie and Harry:

Bonnie, Harry and Zach, finding something interesting in the bush:

Final picture for this post, Harry:

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