Monday 12 December 2011

A New Week - Part 2

Onwards with part 2.


Jade and Ari:

Gus and Ari:


Some more of Bronte and Ari:

Zach turned up after the rain:

Ari, Bronte and Jade, in the just arrived sun, as you can see by the shadows:

Some more of Zach:

Ari, doing some kind of dance with his front feet:

Next, Harry turned up. Here his is with Bronte:

Here are a few more of Harry:

Harry, Ari and Gus:

Ari and Bronte, inseparable as usual:

Bronte and Jade:

Max, on the yellow brick road:

Ari, Gus and Bronte:

Finally, the whole gang, on patrol. Jade, Gus, Ari, Zach, Bronte and Harry:

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