Friday 9 December 2011

Friday Afternoon Part 2

Starting part 2 with Harry:

Domino and Harry:

Mr. Bascomb:

Alfie, assuming the position when confronted by an unknown dog, in this case Riley:

Domino, luring Alfie into a false sense of security before pouncing:

Harry and Scruffy:

Here's a couple of Harry:

Alfie and Scruffy:

Ari and Lulu:

Ari's brother Boon:

Mr. Bascomb and Boon:

Riley, Rascal and Mr. Bascomb:

Rascal, Harry amd Mr. Bascomb:


Time for a dance. Take your partners for the Pride of Erin. Mr Bascomb, two Maxes, Riley and another dog I don't know the name of:

Scruffy at the back and Rascal at the front:

Max and Riley:

Riley, Lulu and Ari:

Harry and Rascal:

Alfie, Ari and Biddie:

Alfie and Harry:


Finally, Harry having a bit of a laugh at something:

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