Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Story of Jonesy

This is Jonesy:

Jonesy has been on one hell of an adventure. I first saw him in the park about a week ago, but he may have been there before that. Lots of people had seen him, but no one could get close. He was obviously a very well looked after dog so it was pretty certain that someone would be looking for him.

He disappeared from his home at the beginning of December, but nobody knows where he was between that time and the time he showed up in the park. Maybe someone took him, got bored after a couple of weeks and then dumped him in the park. His home is a fair distance from the park, so it was unlikely that he would have wandered that far on his own. Fortunately he ended up in Breckler Park. There's probably no better place he would have received the care and attention that he received from the people of the park. Jonesy's owners were tracked down using the licence number on his collar, and a reunion was arranged at the park.

(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I accidentally bumped the settings dial on my camera).

He used to wander up and down the paths, but nobody could get close to him. I threw him a few dog biscuits, which he ate:

One of the ladies tried to get close to him:

He actually found a nice little nest for himself. Can you imagine living here in the bush, in the middle of a hot summer, for at least a week?

Safely home again:

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