Monday 2 January 2012

Monday - Part 1

Well here we are. Christmas and New Year over once again. Boy that was quick.

Let's start with Ari, seeing as how he was first at the park today:

Panda showed up next:

Here's little Willy:

Bronte and Ari:



Ari, in the company of friends:


Megan's buddy, Sasha:

The arrival of Domino and Scruffy:

That's Sam and Lola saying hello to each other, with Ari in the foreground and Sasha at the back:

Sam and Lola again:

Sam saying hello to Rudy this time, and Scruffy decides to join the party:

Sam showing great interest in that tree:

Lola and Bonnie, BFF:

Dan, showing great interest in what Lola and Bonnie are doing:

Ari and Scruffy, with a christmas toy:

Bonnie and Megan:

First appearance of Harry for today (don't worry, there are plenty more):



Harry, as promised:

Scruffy and Ari:

The gang, welcoming the new guy to town:

"Welcome to the park. Just remember who's in charge here...":

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