Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Well, here we are, another Christmas eve has rolled around. It seems like only yesterday that the last one was here. Anyway, the dogs don't care. They still need to be walked.

I've gone back to my usual format of colour pictures, although I don't find them as interesting to do as the more arty black and white/old newspaper effect that I've been experimenting with a lot recently. I have still snuck in a few old newspaper effect pictures anyway.

Starting with Ari:

Some of Oscar:

Ari and Oscar:


A few of Zach:

Ari, Gus, Jade and Zach:

Alfie, sporting some Christmas decorations:

Alfie, Molly and Ari:


Zach and Ari:

Ari and Gus:


And to finish off, here are some pictures of a Kookaburra, sitting in a tree I happened to be passing by. I don't think he's worried by Christmas either:

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