Wednesday 23 November 2011

More pics from Wednesday

Here are the rest of the pictures from Wednesday.

Harry and Zach:



Rudy and Lola:


Ari and Domino:

Zach and Scruffy:

Here's a bunch of pictures of Bronte and Ari playing together:

Devil dogs:

Ari and Bronte playing on their backs, with Zach trying to join in, sort of:

Zach, Bronte and Ari:

Scruffy and Domino:

Ari, Bronte and Zach, on guard duty:

Ari and Max:

Max, the grand old gentleman of the park:

A couple more of Ari and Max:

Ari and Domino, doing their impression of a couple of cows grazing:

And finally, Max and Domino:

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