Wednesday 2 November 2011

Hot, Sticky Wednesday Afternoon

Today started of hot and humid, but later we had some rain. Not many people showed up early, but luckily a few showed up later on.

Again, I forgot my camera, so I used my phone until the battery ran out.

This is Gus:

Gus and Ari:


Gus the black Pug, Gemma peeking through at the back, and Milo with his back to the camera:

Jade, Gus and Gemma:

Gemma and Bronte:

Gemma, Jade at the back, and Taylor:

Ari and Bronte:

Gemma, Bronte and Gus:

Last one for today: Panoramic shot. Milo, Ari, Bronte and Taylor:

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