Friday 29 August 2014

Week Ending August 29, 2014

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Bronte and Ari:

Panda and Daisy Belle:

Daisy Belle:

Ari and Tommy:


Tommy, Bronte, Lilly and Ari:

Tommy, Bronte, Daisy Belle, Lilly and Ari:

Two more of Daisy Belle:

Ari and Bronte:

Picture number 500 for Bronte:

Ari and Bronte:

In the rain, Ari:


Archie and Bronte:

Some more of Bronte:

Ari and Bronte:

The Batman shot - Ari:


A bit artistic - Ari and Bonny:

Gus and Ari:

Bronte, Harry, Zach, Gus, Tommy, JaeLee and Ari:


Max and Lilly:

A couple of Megan:

Bronte and Ari:

Lilly and Daisy Belle:

Daisy Belle:

Daisy Belle and Ari:


Lovebirds - Ari and Bronte:

Zach, Ari, Tommy and Archie:

Zach, Ari, Archie and Tommy:

Zach, Ari and Tommy:

First timer, Holly:

Lilly, Poppy, Zach, Tommy and Ari:

Where's Wally? - A gaggle of furry beasts - At the back, Bronte, Lilly, Tommy, Zach and Ari, with Archie and Poppy in the foreground:

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