Friday 23 August 2013

Pictures From Last Week

Here are some pictures I took sometime last week. I didn't post them earlier because I was under a bit of stress. My car was deemed unroadworthy by Her Majesty's constabulary, so I was running around trying to get it fixed. Unfortunately I found out it was going to cost heaps of cash to fix everything, so that means I had to get a new car. I wasn't expecting to have to do that so soon, so I now have an empty bank account, which gives me a whole lot of other stress. So when I adjust to being back on the edge, maybe I'll enjoy my new car a bit more.

Anyway, enough of that boring story, here are the pictures.

First up is Jade:





Ari, Jade and Gus:

Here are two handfuls of Ari:


Alfie and Ari:

Another one of Ari:


A couple of Cindy:


Oscar and Ari:


And finally, Kristy:

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