Monday 6 May 2013

More Pictures in Black and White

Here's a quick reminder of my other website, dog pictures, but in black and white. I've been going back through the archives, looking for pictures that look all right in black and white (there aren't that many I've found. Most are better in colour. There are also some pictures that I didn't use at the time, but look better in black and white, so I've rescued them from obscurity). I'm up to January 2012, so if you want to see what was happening just over a year ago in the park, have a quick look.

Here is a sample I took today (there is a smaller colour version of this picture down the page a little) - Harry with his Aunty Ros:

The black and white pictures on the other website are much larger, so you can see more on your screen.

Here is is:
Black and White Dog Pictures

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