Tuesday 1 January 2013

More Miscellaneous Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the last few days.

Here's a few of Megan, looking cool in her sunnies:

Here's a couple of Bronte. These two pictures, and few of the following pictures, were taken in near darkness without a flash, which just shows how good modern pocket cameras are:

In the middle of our heatwave we have a rainbow. Glad it's raining somewhere:



And here's a couple of a magnificent sunset we had at the park one night last week:

I tried to get Ari against the sunset, but unfortunately this is the best I got:

Ari and Bronte:

Bronte, succumbing to the heat:

Bronte and Bailey:

Gus and Jade:




Harry, with Bronte partially hidden behind him:


Ari, Bronte and Megan:

A family of Kookaburras has decided to move into the park. Here's Mum and Dad feeding the youngsters:


Ari and Bronte:


And last but not least, Harry:

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