Friday 6 April 2012

Good Friday

I wasn't intending to post today, because I posted so many pictures last night. I like to keep my posting to three times a week, just because it takes so long to do each one. Today was different though. It just so happened that everybody showed up at the same time, so we had quite a big bunch of dogs together at the same time. That rarely happens.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera today, because I wasn't expecting to take any pictures at all. Therefore I had to use my phone camera, and phone cameras just aren't up to the quality of a dedicated camera. That's why the quality of the pictures is less than usual.

Here we go with Scruffy, Cairo and Megan

Gemma and Bella. Bella is Zachs' sister, hence the strong resemblance:


Here's part of the group I was talking about. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the dogs into one picture. This one has Domino, Bronte, Scruffy and Megan:

Bella, Domino, Bronte, Scruffy, Megan and Cairo:

Bella, Bronte, Scruffy, Domino and Megan:



Gemma, with Domino in the background:

Another small section of the group.This time it's Bella, Scruffy, Gemma, Megan and Bronte:

At the back it's Ralphie, Bella, Bronte, Megan and Cairo. At the front is Scruffy, Domino and Gemma:

Domino and Ari:





And finally, one last one of Bella, who hasn't been on this website before:

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